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  • Understanding App stores are important for mobile marketers to quickly grow app downloads. Read More..

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  • With over 400.000 apps listed in app stores - are you sure that your users can find your app? Read More..

Drive more app downloads

At Kyoogi we help the gaming industry to master successful mobile marketing. We work with gaming operators and gaming affiliates to develop a powerful mobile marketing strategy to quickly grow their mobile users.

We're passionate about our work and recognized as experts on mobile affiliation, app store marketing and app discovery. If you have developed an app or are in the process of developing apps for mobile users, get in touch with us today.
"People have hard time finding your app if you are not listed on top 25 downloads."
-Henrik Mandal, Founder
App Store Matters

App Stores

There are more than 100 App Stores available to market your app. Learn how to get your app on top listings on more App Stores. Read more

App Discovery

App Discovery

Less than 2% of all apps are found by users in app stores. Learn how to grow your visibility by understanding App Discovery. Read more

App Adaptability

Private label mobile apps

We give affiliates instant access to mobile sport and casino players. Get your own mobile affiliate platform today. Read more

We care

We have a lot of experience. Work with us and we will guarantee more visibility and higher downloads of your app.

Kyoogi offers gaming affiliates one of the markets best performing mobile app for sportsbook and casino games.
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Why we are different..

  • Small team with extensive experience
  • We strongly believe in our work
  • Working with both gaming operators and affiliates
  • Own research of App Stores and App Discovery solutions
  • Among the first 1000 app submitters in Android Market (now Google Play)

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Mobile marketing is not just about advertising or paid placement - but understanding the new fast growing mobile landscape. App stores are important for app owners, but being visible in app stores and sucessfully grow number of downloads depends on how visible your app is in the mobile landscape.

This is what we call App Discovery and is an esential factor of making your app highly visible in your marketspace when you start promoting your app. Similar to sucessfully marketing your website you depend on Search Engines, link building, social media and affiliates - we work with you to position your mobile strategy in front of your competitors.

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